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150 shots for Revolution

Batteries TB408
  • F2
  • 150
  • 115
  • 25
  • 710/260/210
  • 0,039
  • 1/4
  • 14,10
Effect: Silver tail to white glittering ti-thunder, Green tail ti-brocade green glittering, Blue tail to brocade blue pearls, Red tail to brocade gold glittering, Red tail to brocade crackling, Red glittering bouquet red tail to red pearls white glittering, Whiter glittering bouquet blue tail to blue pearls red glittering, Gold glittering bouquet green tail to purple pearls green glittering, Green tail to green pearls red plum, Blue tail to blue pearls red plum, Red tail to ti-gold coconut white glittering, Blue tail to ti-gold coconut red glittering, Red tail to red dahlia green glittering, Green tail to purple dahlia green glittering, Red tail to blue pearls white glittering and red glittering, Red tail to red green coconut gold chrysanthemum, Red tail to flower crown blue pearls, blue tail to flower crown red glittering, Silver spinner tail to white glittering ti-thunder.


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